Hello Baby

The first few days of a newborn’s life are unlike any other. The way their bodies curl up to fit so perfectly in your arms, the fuzz on their skin, tiny lips that have the best pucker, those perfect little fingers and toes...every sweet detail is intoxicating and invigorating.

When I look back to when my babies were still little, these are the details that I love most of all.

I currently offer a variety of different newborn sessions. My most popular option is the "Styled and Posed" Session with a full gallery of images of your little one and can also include photos with parents and even siblings.

My Newborn Only "Wrapped Mini" is a new session I am offering for those who aren't interested in a full session but still want timeless and beautiful images of your new baby.

If you're looking for a "Fresh48" or "Lifestyle" Newborn session, please send me a message!

Full Newborn Session

Full Newborn Session : $425

My “full” newborn session last 2-2.5 hours long in my Oak Hills home studio. You’ll receive 35 digital images. This longer session time allows for a larger variety of photos of your baby as well as the optional photos with parents/siblings.

To secure your spot on my schedule, I ask for a $25 deposit and the balance to be paid the day of the session.


"Mini Plus" Newbon Session : $350

This newborn session lasts up to 90 mins and is $350. You’ll receive 25 digital images. This session has the option of including a few shots with parents/siblings.

To secure your spot on my schedule, I ask for a $25 deposit and the balance to be paid the day of the session.


Newborn MINI

Newborn ONLY "MINI" Session - $275

I also offer a newborn only, one-hour "mini" session. I typically plan 4-5 different setups (for example basket, bowl, crate, flokati) within the hour.  You’ll receive 15+ digital retouched images via digital download with print release.

To secure your spot on my schedule, I ask for a $25 deposit and the balance to be paid the day of the session.


How soon can I book my newborn session?

I have some clients who contact me very early in their pregnancy and I love it. Obviously, that doesn’t work for everyone and I get that! I can only take a certain number of photo sessions a month and certain seasons book up sooner than others. I recommend you contact me during by your 2nd or 3rd trimester so that we have time to plan and prepare for your little one. If you wait until your baby is born I cannot guarantee that I will have space in my schedule.


What is the best age to photograph my newborn?

The ideal time to photograph newborns is around 6-18 days when they are still super sleepy and squishy. Now sometimes this time frame isn’t possible for new parents for a variety of reasons. If your baby has already passed the “ideal” age and you still want some newborn photos, don’t worry! Some of my favorite sessions have been for older newborns. We may not get some of the poses commonly seen for newborns but I am very patient and dedicated to capturing your sweet baby no matter their age.


How do we choose a date for my session if we don’t know when my baby will arrive?

Great question! Once you have booked your session, I will make a note of your due date and any special requests for your session. As soon as your baby has arrived, please let me know ASAP so we can choose the specific date and time for your session. I will then email you the map to my studio, the info on what you should bring and some things you can do the day of your session to help make it a success.


Can my older children also be in the newborn session?

Absolutely! I love including all the members of the family in the session! When clients bring young toddlers to the studio I prefer to do family photos early in the session, so that we don't completely exhaust the toddler. I do have a little play area with some puzzles and legos but parents are ultimately responsible for watching their children. Obviously I cannot guarantee that young toddlers will cooperate for photos with their new baby sibling but I've got lots of tricks. Exhausted, starving toddlers never cooperate so please plan your session times appropriately to allow for best possible results.

Is there anything I need to bring for my newborn session?

Please bring all the normal things for your newborn: diapers, wipes, bottles if you use them, a burp cloth, water and snacks for yourself and a receving blanket. I also highly recommend bringing a pacifier but it's not required. It can be especially helpful for newborns who may need a little extra help getting settled. I have everything else.

Is there anything I can do to help my baby be more relaxed and ready for their session?

The goal for any newborn session is for baby to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. That’s the beauty of newborns that we want to remember!  For your session please dress your baby very simply. A zip up sleeper works the best. Nothing that has to be removed over the head, please.  I recommend bringing a pacifier but it's not required. It can be super helpful for babies who might need a little extra help to settle.


Can I bring any special outfits/mementos for my session?

I LOVE incorporating personal, sentimental items into my newborn sessions. It’s a great way to connect family generations and individualize your session. If you’re planning to bring any special items from home, I ask that you communicate with me about your items in advance so that I can plan accordingly. Also, please no more than 1-2 personal items.  Keep in mind that outfits AliExpress, Temu etc... are often not sized properly for newborns. If you have any questions please ask!


How many poses/set ups will we do?

I plan at least 5 set ups for each of my newborn session. Sometimes we will have time for more but I always start with at least 5. The exact number will depend on your baby. I will NEVER force a baby to do a pose they are uncomfortable with and certain poses obviously require a very relaxed, sleeping baby. I am very patient and have been doing this for a long time but I will never risk the safety and discomfort of my tiny clients for a photo. If ythere are poses/set ups that you are hoping to try, please send them to me! It helps me understand the type of photos you're hoping for and allows me time to prepare the session flow.


What should we wear for the family photo part of my newborn session?

If you have booked a full or mini plus newborn session there is the option for family/sibling photos.  I recommend wearing classic, timeless styles. Something that will stand the test of time and compliments your family's personality. It doesn't have to be complicated; even wearing plain colored tshirts works great. Easy peasy. Just make sure you feel comfortable and can cross your arms in front of your chest. Some mamas wear a maternity dress just because it flatters a post baby tummy. I have a bathroom in the studio so you can change your clothes here.

Is it ok if I take behind-the-scenes photos?

Absolutely! Feel free to take behind the scene photos or videos! I appreciate the love! If you can tag my page @jenolyncphotography that would be awesome!!

What if I’m running late for my session?

As a mom of 6 myself, I understand how hard it can be to transition to life with a new tiny person who depends on you for everything!! Most of the time, coming for your newborn session is the first time you’re leaving your house which can add to the emotion and excitement of the experience.

I want to make sure your time with me as relaxed and comfortable as possible! We also want to make sure that we have enough time to get the photos of your newborn that you’re hoping for. Sometimes, not matter how well we plan in advance mishaps and emergencies happen! I get it! If you’re running late for your session, please communicate with me asap. Generally speaking, whatever time you’re late will just come off your total session time.

However, if you have booked a 1-hour, mini session, and you arrive more than 15 mins late, your session will be cancelled and you can rebook for another day. If you have booked a full session and you’re going to be more than 30 mins late, your session will be cancelled and you can rebook for another day.